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Kansas city. Durch die read here free online dating websites in vancouver canada. If this site trinidad dating sim games app android free dating sites in the delivered goods, der. Please do not leave anonymous comments around the website. We have no idea what information you are refering to β€” please remember we are volunteers and attend to this site when we can. We do overlook things occassionally. As you can understand, we cannot publish unsubstantiated claims. So please email us with your guys and their line of crime. Senegal http: Hello there! I signed up for Gay Romeo nearly a month ago, and this guy from Ghana contacted me.

So I, like my curious self, decided to chat with him on Yahoo. Sorry LOL. He matches the pictures on his profile. So I am not sure if I can trust this guy or not. He even told me that his brother is very interested in me-which I saw him on webcam as well-both of them are very muscular and attractive. But as time went on, it seemed like his tone changed-like he was getting more aggressive with the way he chatted with me. I was wondering could anybody fill me in on him? I just wanted to know more about this guy or if anybody has dealt with him before.

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He want me to use FedX Anyone have any helpful suggestions? Logged in: Username beautiful Username christianleblan Username franckysexy Username cosmopolitain5 Username kevinecfa. Here are some profiles that use photos that are not theirs. Ferrovie -Nickname: Dom-star -Nickname: Lamos -Nickname: Bismak -Nickname: Username christianleblan! I just put on hold. It is with pleasure that I do because this site is too rotten and eventually we will all take the rap. It is time for us to respond.

Gayromeo on, my nickname is: Pseudo magnifique Pseudo christianleblan Pseudo franckysexy Pseudo cosmopolitain5 Pseudo kevinecfa. Ferrova -Pseudo: Pseudo christianleblan!!! This is a great web site and a wealth of information. But I wonder where to go in Accra if visiting from outside Ghana, to meet real Ghana gay Guys, not just for sex but perhaps to meet genuine people and even maybe a partner for life.

Where in Accra does this exist? I wish fakers2go good wishes but we should work together to be positive about good things for Ghana like real clubs, meeting places, groups not just focusing on fakers. More people would be happy to help I think. Hi Rajiv, Thanks for your comments which are constructive. There used to be a bar but it no longer exists. There are a few groups but they do not welcome foreigners who may just come to prey on the boys. Most of us meet people through friends or parties. There are places people interested in men hang out but they are mixed and everything is underground.

There are lots of good people but you are unlikely to meet them on a holiday. If you have not been to Africa before you need to exercise caution.

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You can meet lots of Ghanaians in London where you have legal protection and where jobs mean less financal goals. Instead come to enjoy the country. The scammers have learnt to tell foreigners what they want to hear. You have no way of knowing whether they are for real or not unless you are here on a long term basis and can get to know them over a few years. Thats really make this website great. I am a Chinese gay, I know most of you dont like chinese, But I am different. Please trust me. Even for reaching this site, I pass through so many proxcy.

But not for me. But this website really make me scared, I have one black man. Even I want to run. I dont know the result, but I will try my best. For further, I really want to be friend of you guys, cos I know you are good guys, hope you can help me. For my staying here for long time in the future, also I can provide information what I get to help this. Hi Mhitle. Have a great time in Ghana but stay wise. You will make lots of friends, people will throw themselves at you, but most will be opportunists.

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The real friends you will make will come later when you have been here for a while. How well do you know this friend from Central Africa?

Be very careful about setting up a business with him. Most foreigners loose huge amounts of money when they first start business in Ghana and letter become wise. If this man runs away where will you find him? People seem trust worthy but get to know how things work before you start anything.

Thanks a lot for all guys here who put comments, this make the website more hepful for foreigners. Abviously this is a great website. I pass through many proxy then get your kindly people here, I am so happy. Maybe even now I am watching by the police online who working for the China goverment. But I dont care, cos I am running to Ghana now, I am going to work here, and stay long time. I cant stop myself cos I like black so much, I dont have enough money to make them come to china, so I come to Ghana, but I wont take risk, I will try my best to find the real lover by patient.


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At the same time, I need help from everybody here, hope to be friend of you guys, I know most of you dont like Chinese, but trust me I am different. So at the end hope everybody find his real black knight. Educated, middle class people, male and female, come to Africa and gravitate towards the uneducated and jobless. In a culture where class social status is clearly defined, they cross the line then wonder at the resulting confusion. What type of relationship can you get from someone who only completed primary school? And primary school in Ghana is a lower level than in the West!

Think about the implications of what this person said. In Ghana, the most available people are the opportunists. You will meet them easily. They survive by feeding off others. The good people are far too busy to be chasing foreigners.

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But you can meet these people if you go to the expensive restaurants and clubs. Instead, foreigners seem to want to party in Christian Village. Is their independence threatening? There are plenty good guys here who are genuinely gay and are looking for real relationships. But, in Ghana, things take time to cultivate. You are unlikely to meet them as a tourist. If you did meet them how would you recognise them?

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Just look at the low-life on this website. Are these the sort of people you would date in your own country and show to your mother and business associates? I would have said yes there are good gay guys in ghana but after my experience i dont know anymore.